Investigation just beginning in Brookfield shooting

Oct. 21, 2012

Due to the sheer number of witnesses and law enforcement personnel involved, combined with the size and complexity of the crime scene at Azana Spa in Brookfield, police are looking at a lengthy investigation into the Sunday-morning shooting during which three were killed, four injured, and suspected shooter Radcliffe F. Haughton of Brown Deer was found dead inside the spa, Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus said at a press conference Sunday evening.

"It could take days, weeks to figure this all out," said Tushaus, adding that investigators and evidence technicians will need to work through the numerous rooms of the 9,000 square-foot spa to reconstruct the events of the shooting. "It's very large, complex, and involving. There are a lot of things going on, and it's just way too premature to get into (details)."

Police have not identified the three female victims who died during the shooting or the four female victims injured and treated at nearby Froedtert Hospital, and did not comment on whether Haughton's wife, who had gotten a restraining order against him, was among the dead or injured. Police didn't say what type of firearm the suspect had used, if it had been recovered, or if any sort of note had been found.

Tushaus was quick to point out that Haughton was the only suspect in the shooting.

"We are not, I repeat, not seeking any additional suspects," he said. "Our community can feel safe. Southeastern Wisconsin can feel safe in this matter."

For now the investigation will continue amid the support of the community, with more information to become available in the coming days.


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