Brookfield El earns grant for recycling

April 24, 2013

Families from Brookfield Elementary participated in the largest Reduce Your Waste Stream Challenge competition ever facilitated by the Waukesha County recycling program.

Nearly 600 people and 135 families in Brookfield and Waukesha took part in weighing their trash and recyclables for four weeks as they reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible compared to their baseline weights before the challenge started.

Forty-eight families from Brookfield Elementary and 87 families with STEM Academy in Waukesha participated in the challenge.

Both Brookfield Elementary and the STEM Academy will receive a $1,000 Waukesha County Green Schools grant award, provided by Waukesha County.

Brookfield Elementary Principal Lynn Raines said eight students who educate their fellow classmates on how to be more environmentally conscious will determine how to best spend the money.

According to a news release from the recycling program, Brookfield families reduced their trash 18 percent and increased their recycling 33 percent.

To view the results of the challenge, visit , or call (262) 896-8300.


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