Brookfield KFC manager charged in sexual assault of employee

Suspect's DNA found on victim's body

July 1, 2013

A general manager at a town of Brookfield KFC faces up to 40 years in prison after being charged with second degree sexual assault in Waukesha County Circuit Court June 27.

According to the criminal complaint:

Officers responded to a sexual assault call at the restaurant, 20101 W. Bluemound Road, Feb. 2.

Two officers met with a female employee, who said the general manager, later identified as 38-year-old Timothy L. Johnson Branch of Milwaukee, had asked to speak with her outside of the restaurant.

The two got into Branch's car and Branch drove into the alley of a neighboring Applebee's. Branch began touching her inappropriately. The victim told police she pushed his hands away and told him to stop, but he continued his advances.

Branch began kissing the victim's neck and stomach. The victim said Branch forcefully pulled down her pants and assaulted her. The victim tried to get away, but said Branch was much stronger than her and held her down. The victim was eventually able to get out of the car and walked back to KFC.

Police spoke to another employee of the restaurant, who said the two were gone for about 30 minutes. When the victim walked in, the employee said she had a "blank and confused look on her face" and that he knew something was wrong.

The victim approached the employee saying she needed to talk, and told him that Branch touched and kissed her but did not provide other details.

When Branch returned to the restaurant, the employee asked Branch what happened outside. Branch told the employee that the two only talked about personal issues. The employee said Branch left the restaurant early for the day, which was unusual behavior since it was his job to report the numbers from the day to the company.

Police asked the employee to ask Branch to come back to the restaurant. When he arrived, he was immediately arrested. He told police that the two did go outside to talk, but it was too cold, so they got into his car. Branch said he did drive to the rear of the restaurant to talk about personal issues. He said the victim got out of the car and he drove to the Applebee's parking lot to check his phone. Branch denied touching, kissing, licking or hugging the victim.

The victim was taken to a Milwaukee hospital for examination. Branch's DNA was found on samples taken from the victim's neck and abdominal area.

Branch's initial appearance in Waukesha County Circuit Court is scheduled for July 15.


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