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  1. When I think of great food in a bad atmosphere, most of my friends all said Mr. B's.

    Hopefully this changes now.
  2. I'm looking forward to a quality restaurant at the Capitol Drive location. I was wondering how long the Agave would last when I sat with a friend for 15 minutes before the bartender came around. Then another 20 minutes went by while she was making our drinks. By the time the chips and salsa we had to ask for came out to us we had been there for an hour getting pissed off by the minute because of the lack of service. We left with out tipping and no way were we going to spend a couple of hours trying to get food with an empty drink. Can you tell it was so bad I'm still mad? Serves them right to go out of business, the owners didn't have a clue.
  3. We must have been there the same night as "thebax" was but our bartender was a male and also as prompt. It was atleast 15 minutes to get our first drink order, probably 10 minutes to get the drink, and he never came back to ask us if we wanted a second. Also, it took over an hour to get our food. We were 2 of maybe 10 people in the whole place. We were never back after that.
  4. I'm sorry to see them move. While it's very "Cedarburg-ish", I've always enjoyed Mr. B's... many good memories. Hard to think of them in a different setting.
    I am surprised that Pandl's and Kelley couldn't make Agave work.. Considering that they both have run or are still running sucessful establishments. Maybe they should of taken notes from Rick Bayless.