Celebrations: Dec. 27

Dec. 26, 2012


The following graduates earned bachelor's degrees, or other degrees as noted, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December: from Brookfield, Jose Antony, engineering and applied science, Zainab Asra Ashraf, letters and science, Nicole Baker, nursing, James Beardsley, business administration, Marti Beutler, nursing, Jane Bryson, letters and science, Abby Bussen, master's degree in library and information science, Diana Cherone, master's, letters and science, Matthew Dorman, master's, architecture, Colin Foster, master's, engineering, Phillip Glomski, business administration, Collin Gowdy, engineering and applied science, John Haldeman, business administration, Kyle Harvey, letters and science, Trevor Hocken, letters and science, Derrick Hoeppner, letters and science, Amanda Holland, education, Laura Jankowski, letters and science, Andrew Janowski, social welfare, Gurpreet Kaur Kler, architecture and urban planning, Jennifer Kuinn, education, Zachary Manske, business administration, Melissa Matysiak, business administration, Tina McCalligan, master's, social work, Karl Mueller, master's, music, Kathleen Ford Musni, letters and science, Kirt Oaks, engineering, Peter Orgovan, health sciences, Thomas Ostergaard, architecture and urban planning, David Prange, letters and science, Ian Renfrew, letters and science, Amy Saubers, business administration, Matthew Schinner, letters and science, Timothy Skaleski, letters and science, Jonny Porsche Steppe, business administration, Nitisia Khanh Tang, business administration, Jacklyn Thomas, fine arts, Jorden Trochelman, master's, business administration, Thomas Vaughan II, business administration, Stephanie Warsh, fine arts, Zachary Watson, letters and science, Kyle Weisman, master's, architecture, Andrea Wells, nursing, Amber Werth, nursing, Alex Wiener, business administration, Elizabeth Winters, master's, architecture, Jingcheng Wu, doctorate, engineering and applied science, Allison Wyrobek, letters and science, and Jessica Yankala, education; and from Elm Grove, Whitney Boeder, master's, letters and science, Samuel Colondro, business administration, William Morris Coons, engineering, Katherine Fredricks, letters and science, Maxwell Lloyd, letters and science, Jay Nelson, letters and science, Jayne Owens, dual degrees, letters and science, Christos Demetrios Theodore Passalis-Bain, letters and science, and Mia Dane Patton, letters and science.

Natasha Meyer of Elm Grove, as a freshman member of The Delilahs a cappella group at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., sang holiday songs for guests as they toured the White House in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 17.

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