Looking for answers? Just Ask NOW.

Aug. 11, 2010

Do you have a pressing question about life in Brookfield or a problem you want to see fixed?

Maybe you're wondering when the city will get around to patching up a rough road. Or perhaps you want to know why a building has been vacant for months. Maybe you're dissatisfied with the condition of playground equipment in a local park.

Well, NOW is the time for some answers.

On Aug. 26, Brookfield-Elm Grove NOW will be debuting a new column called "Ask NOW."

In this column, I will do some digging on our readers' behalf and come up with the information they're interested in. Simply send in your question, and I'll track down the answer.

If you know of a local problem that needs to be solved, heard a crazy rumor about something happening in Brookfield or Elm Grove, or are just curious about an issue, don't hesitate to ask. There is no question too small or bizarre.

Send Me Your questions

→ E-mail Mary Malahy at mmalahy@cninow.com

→ Use the online submission feature at BrookfieldNOW.com/Ask or ElmGroveNOW.com/Ask


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