Ask NOW: Parkside 23 operates its own farm

Jan. 11, 2011

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Parkside 23 operates its own on-site farm

Issue: Jackie Sazama would like to know more about the new restaurant that opened in the old Sticks and Stones building.

Status: Parkside 23 opened at 2300 Pilgrim Square Drive in November.

The restaurant aims to respect the land that provides the food for the restaurant, and is the only restaurant in the area with an on-site farm, general manager George Flees said. The restaurant will grow its own leafy vegetables, sweet corn, herbs, spices, tomatoes, vine crops and garlic.

"Our commitment is to be involved in Brookfield and responsible to the good of its people. We want people to partner with us in having a social conscience as well as a passion for fresh food," Flees said.

Parkside 23 opens at 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and serves lunch and dinner.

The restaurant provides 154 indoor seats and 80 seats on the patio. Private rooms that seat up to 25 people are available for special events, as well.

The menu is unusual in the fact that it is organized by price rather than traditional food categories. The $5 to $12 price category includes salads, sandwiches, plates and flats. Plates usually contain a starch, meat or fish, and foods from the garden. The $13 to $17 category features an ahi tuna salad, cedar plank salmon, braised short ribs, half a rotisserie chicken and baby back ribs. The $18-plus category features Maine lobster scallop risotto, a combo chicken-rib plate, rotisserie duck and stuffed pork chop. Parkside 23 also provides a gluton-free menu.

The restaurant's website,, is scheduled to debut Jan. 21.

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