School Notes: May 10

May 10, 2011

NFL's Joe Thomas chips in to help cut Central field debt

Brookfield Central grad and NFL player Joe Thomas has donated $5,000 to help pay down a former fundraising group's outstanding debt.

The donation from Thomas, an offensive lineman with the Cleveland Browns, was matched by the NFL's Player Matching Grant program, meaning $10,000 will go toward paying the debt of BC Squared.

BC Squared in 2006 agreed to pay half the $827,000 installation cost of the synthetic turf multipurpose athletic field at the school, and Thomas' donation reduces the group's outstanding debt to $129,400.

The Brookfield Central Athletic Booster Club and other prep sports supporters at Central in December announced a plan to pay back the balance of the debt by using a combination of donations and concessions sales over the next four years.

Representatives from BC Squared presented the money to the district at Tuesday's School Board meeting.

Brookfield East students earn marks in Spanish exam

More than 100 Brookfield East students participated in the National Spanish Exam this year. The exam is made up of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

The 67 students who placed are:

Gold: Madeline Janick, Level 2

Silver: Rebecca Fronberry, Level 2; Ryan Hoaglund, Level 3; Robert Szabo, Level 3; Sophie Carr, Level 4; Caroline Hildebrand, Level 2; Melinda Mastel, Level 4; Brianna Mathison, Level 2; Katie Horneffer, Level 2; Janelle Myers, Level 2; and Aditya Trivedi, Level 4

Bronze: Ethan Albert, Level 3; Grace Barlow, Level 4; Alexia Jones, Level 2; Elizabeth Klassen, Level 4; David Liu, Level 2; Rebecca McHugh, Level 4; Megan Roidt, Level 2; Akshaya Trivedi, Level 2; Max Wrobbel, Level 4; Rebecca Li, Level 3; Hayley Powers, Level 3; Sarah Pritchard, Level 3; Madeline Ramsey, Level 3; Natalie Brown, Level 2; Ryan Prazynski, Level 2; Alex Wang, Level 2; Mihir Trivedi, Level 2; Jessica Wertz, Level 2

Honorable mention: Ellen Abolt, Level 3; Shannon Cashin, Level 3; Robyn DiGiacinto, Level 3; Kathryn Golab, Level 3; Carly Heberlein, Level 3; Jessica Huang, Level 3; Breanna Hults, Level 1; Christine Kugler, Level 1; Jordan Paterson, Level 1; Carly Smetana, Level 1; Allyson Bartelme, Level 2; James Bianco, Level 2; Sarah Cook, Level 2; Jonas DeMuri-Siliunas, Level 2; Jenna Hatab, Level 4; Allyx Kvasnicka, Level 2; Hannah Leverson, Level 4; Luke Reuteman, Level 4; William Seabrook, Level 4; Carl Siever, Level 4; Sonali Srivastava, Level 2; Madeline Timm, Level 4; Jamie Todd, Level 2; Carolyn Wolff, Level 4; Kate Galfano, Level 2; Genevieve Klinker, Level 2; Kelly Ko, Level 2; Kelsey Linsmeier, Level 2; Joanna Swinarska, Level 5; Richard Britton, Level 4; Kara Daily, Level 4; Kristin Fohr, Level 4; Hannah Giese, Level 4; Emily Haas, Level 4; Mallory Meyer, Level 4; Francis Roushar, Level 4; Katherine Seubert, Level 2; Margaret Sinclair, Level 4; Veronica Telega, Level 4; Veronica Smith, Level 4


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