Elmbrook says goodbye to 58 retirees

June 8, 2011

The Elmbrook School District this week recognized the contributions of 58 retiring staff members during a ceremony at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.

"This unprecedented number of retiring staff (members) have devoted their professional lives to our mission to educate and inspire every student to think, to learn and to succeed," Superintendent Matt Gibson said in a news release.

Retirees being honored, and the year they joined the district:

Anne Kreul, principal, Swanson Elementary (1994)

Mark Adams, physical education teacher, Brookfield Central High School (1975)

Joann Adkinson, sixth-grade teacher, Wisconsin Hills Middle School (1979)

Linda Aeppler, drama/speech teacher, Brookfield East High School (1976)

Janis Becker, special education, Brookfield East (1976)

Mary Bigus, music teacher, Brookfield East (1990)

Patricia Czubkowski, fifth-grade teacher, Brookfield Elementary (1972)

Jacquelyn Dove, French teacher, Wisconsin Hills/Pilgrim Park Middle School (1974)

Elizabeth Eaton, early childhood teacher, Burleigh Elementary (1974)

Laura Eichholz, seventh-grade teacher, Wisconsin Hills (1989)

Christine Elliott, special education teacher, Burleigh (1978)

Carol Engel, sixth-grade teacher, Wisconsin Hills (1992)

Sheila Fabiszak, special education teacher, Dixon Elementary (1978)

Janelle Geyser, sixth-grade teacher, Wisconsin Hills (1986)

Cynthia Graettinger, third-grade teacher, Swanson (1975)

Debra Gressen, physical education teacher, Tonawanda Elementary (1979)

Nita Hodgson, reading teacher, Brookfield Central (1990)

Karen Hughes, kindergarten teacher, Tonawanda (1994)

Mary Inglish, special education teacher, Tonawanda (1975)

Peter Kacala, social studies teacher, Brookfield Central (1985)

Cynthia Kacala, first-grade teacher, Dixon (1988)

Lori Krueger, second-grade teacher, Burleigh (1986)

Molly Kurian, speech pathologist, Burleigh (1985)

Cheryl Lavendar, music teacher, Swanson (1986)

Janet Lorenz, special education teacher, Central Administration Office (1985)

Lynn Lorenz, fifth-grade teacher, Dixon (1995)

Martha Martin, English teacher, Brookfield Central (1990)

Paula Matthews, fifth-grade teacher, Dixon (1977)

Marsha Moulton, special education teacher, Fairview South (1994)

Judith Mullin, special education teacher, Brookfield Central (1990)

Margene Musil, special education teacher, Fairview South (1974)

Bette Naughton, art teacher, Tonawanda (1990)

Kathleen Nielsen, second-grade teacher, Burleigh (1992)

Regina O'Dell, second-grade teacher, Burleigh (1990)

Susan O'Neill, eighth-grade teacher, Wisconsin Hills (1990)

Frank Palm, tech ed teacher, Brookfield Central (1977)

Anne Marie Peterson, music teacher, Brookfield East (1986)

Linda Polulach, instructional resource teacher, Swanson (1969)

Sharon Power, second-grade teacher, Hillside Elementary (1969)

Alice Rast, English teacher, Brookfield Central (1989)

Paulette Romano, sixth-grade teacher, Pilgrim Park (1996)

Kerry Saver, special education teacher, Swanson (1984)

Debra Schmeige, teacher, Tonawanda (1991)

Kathy Schneider, speech pathologist, Burleigh (1982)

Jeff Stark, Spanish teacher, Pilgrim Park (1974)

Gaylen Stoa, special education teacher, Pilgrim Park (1973)

Susan Thaney, first-grade teacher, Swanson (1970)

Linda Trepczyk, special education teacher, Fairview South (1977)

Margaret Vogt, kindergarten teacher, Brookfield Elementary (1990)

Jolean Wegner, academic support teacher, Brookfield East (1988)

Maxine Weisz, librarian, Pilgrim Park (1987)

Annette Williams, speech pathologist, Burleigh (1985)

Anna Zimmerman, science teacher, Brookfield Central (1993)

Renee Frazier, special education assistant, Burleigh/Brookfield Elementary (1989)

Diana Krug, health room assistant, Hillside (1993)

Evelyn Newkirk, assistant kitchen manager, Pilgrim Park (1994)

Linda Pomraning, special education assistant, Burleigh (1986)

Jane Skrzypek, principal secretary, Burleigh (1989)


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