Brookfield to conduct aerial mosquito treatment Friday

Aug. 4, 2011

Due to elevated mosquito larvae counts in specific areas, the city of Brookfield intends to conduct a treatment of the mosquito abatement program Friday, weather permitting, according to a news release issued by the city.

Consultant Clark Environmental Mosquito Management will treat about 410 acres of public wetlands and floodlands in portions of the Fox River corridor area with a biolarvicide by helicopter beginning at daybreak and during the morning hours.

The biolarvicide, VectoLex CG, is a naturally occurring soil bacterium that is granular in form (i.e. not a liquid or spray) and will be applied using GPS navigational technology to assure accuracy in identifying treatment locations, city officials stated.

There are no restrictions for public use of the treated areas. However, park users are cautioned to avoid using the areas of the park while treatment operations are being conducted.

The entire city of Brookfield is not being treated for mosquitoes. The only identified treatment area meeting larval density and development stage requirements of the permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources is the portion of the Fox River Corridor consisting of the wetlands adjacent to the Fox River between Springdale Road, running east then north to Capital Drive including Mitchell Park. Treatment area maps are available at City Hall and on the city’s website,


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