Ask NOW: Is Brookfield still trying to incorporate?

Jan. 2, 2013

Is town of Brookfield still trying to incorporate?

Issue: A reader wants to know if the town of Brookfield is still trying to be reclassified as a different municipality. If so, she wants to know what that municipality would be and whether this would require a name change.

Status: Rick Czopp, town administrator, told me that the town of Brookfield is trying to be classified as a village and has filled out the paperwork with the state.

Villages have a different governing structure than a town, and have more control over their borders and zoning.

He said the next step is for the state to set up a public hearing date. The town will notify residents when the date is set, and the state will hear testimony from anyone who wants to speak at the hearing.

It is too soon to know if the switch would require a name change, Czopp said.

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