Ask NOW: Reader doesn't like Capitol Drive sidewalks

Jan. 8, 2013

Reader doesn't like Capitol Drive sidewalks

Issue: A reader wants to know who decided to install sidewalks along Capitol Drive from Brookfield Road to 124th Street. He is concerned the sidewalks are dangerous because they are close to traffic. He also said the sidewalks are not continuous on the north side of the road from Lily Road to 124th Street and wants to know why.

Status: Jeff Chase, city engineer, explained that the sidewalk was a partner project between the state Department of Transportation and the city of Brookfield. The DOT would not have put the sidewalks in on their own, Chase said. The Federal Highway Administration paid 80 percent of the project costs, and the city paid 20 percent, he added.

Chase agreed that portions of the sidewalk are less than ideal for pedestrian comfort because of the proximity to traffic. But, there is nothing inherently dangerous about the walkways and they meet all appropriate design regulations, he added.

"Ideally there would be more room, but in some sections there just was no additional space on the right of way," Chase said. "Admittedly the space between the sidewalk and traffic is less than Brookfield residents are used to; however, it is very common to have limited space between the sidewalk and traffic in more urbanized areas."

Chase said the sidewalk is continuous on the north side from 124th Street to Brookfield Road. The only break in the sidewalk is on the south side of the road by Wisconsin Memorial Park, he said.

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