Ask NOW: Driver annoyed she can't turn left at 144th and Capitol

Jan. 30, 2013

Driver annoyed with no left turn at 144th and Capitol

Issue: A reader wants to know why drivers cannot turn left onto Capitol Drive from 144th Street. She said that instead of driving to a median-break to make a left and continue west, drivers must head east on Capitol Drive and make a U-turn. She is worried that crossing three lanes of traffic for the U-turn is more dangerous.

Status: Michael Pyritz, Wisconsin Department of Transportation communications specialist, said WisDOT decided a U-turn would be safer. Studies have shown that busy roads are safer when they have fewer median breaks and cars waiting to turn at medians. He said that if the driver would have had enough time to safely cross to the median, then they should have enough time to cross to the left lane to make a U-turn.

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