UFO phenomenon to land in Elm Grove

Fox Point native to discuss government knowledge of UFOs

March 11, 2013

How much does the government know about UFOs?

Richard Thieme, Fox Point author and international speaker, will answer that question during a free program at the Elm Grove Public Library later this month.

Thieme will discuss his findings and contributions to the book "UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry," a project he was asked to work on by The UFO History Group.

The 580-page read contains documents and pictures put together by veteran UFO historians and researchers who spent four years researching thousands of government documents and archives to present information about the United States government's response to the UFO phenomenon.

His extensive background with government research made him an ideal candidate for the project. He's worked as a computer security expert for several clients, including the FBI, U.S. Secret Service and the Pentagon.

A former priest, Thieme had quietly done research on the topic for more than 30 years, but it was a conversation with a former fighter pilot that made everything concrete.

"The subject of UFOs came up and I said, 'I've heard that you chase them and can't catch them.' He was a guy I knew well, and he was talking to me, his priest, and said, 'Well that's right. We chased the things and couldn't catch them.' "

Thieme said he's had similar conversations other times over the past 20 years with people around the world.

"I've interviewed people firsthand who've had experiences," Thieme said. "Many of these people have been ridiculed into silence. There is strength and courage in truth telling."

Thieme said he isn't a crazed conspiracy theorist gung-ho on scaring people into believing aliens will come and hijack people from their homes.

"Everything published in this book has been verified based on extensive research," he said. "There are no rumors or speculation published in the book."

Thieme has visited several area libraries to discuss the new book, and usually, the room he's in is filled to capacity.

"I remember when I visited Random Lake, a guy told me he was a radar operator in Korea during the war, and that he would see things on the radar moving so fast, and when he would report it, they would tell him, 'Oh no, it's nothing.' I hear stories like this all the time," he said.

About a decade ago, a friend at the National Security Agency told Thieme he could address the issues they discussed about UFOs in a context of "ethical considerations for intelligence and security professionals" - only if he wrote fiction.

"He said, 'It's the only way you can tell the truth,' " Thieme said.

Since then, Thieme has published three dozen short stories and one novel, titled "Mind Games, A Collection of Nineteen Stories of Brave New Worlds and Alternate Realities," and is working on a second.

Thieme said attendees will learn a lot if they are open to the topic.

"They will realize there's a documented history that shows how the Air Force and other government entities have responded to the phenomenon," he said. "It will hopefully peak their curiosity."

To learn more about Richard Thieme, his publications and other work, visitThiemeWorks.com.

If you go

WHAT: "UFO's and Government: A Historical Inquiry"

WHEN:6 p.m. March 27

WHERE:Elm Grove Public Library, 13600 Juneau Blvd.

CALL: (262) 782-6717 to register.

COST: free


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