Ask NOW: Who is Goerke?

Goerke’s Corners was the name of a small community in the 1800s.

Goerke’s Corners was the name of a small community in the 1800s. Photo By Jill Rick

Dec. 24, 2013

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Goerkes Corners park-and-ride was once site of popular inn

Question: Who is Goerke of Goerke's Corners?

Answer: The story of Goerke goes back to the 1800s. After John Patten Story built a sawmill on Poplar Creek about 1840, a small community developed, numbering 95 people by 1868 and taking on the name Storyville, according to the Elmbrook Historical Society.

Ten years later, Frederick Goerke broke ground at Bluemound and Barker roads and built a combination home, saloon and hotel. According to the Elmbrook Historical Society, the spot became the "community social center." Goerke became the town's postmaster and the town was then named in his honor, Goerke's Corners.

Now the name lives on in the park-and-ride lot that provides free parking for more than 300 vehicles and bikes, as well as a stop for several bus lines.

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