Ask NOW: Reader concerned about wooden path on Brookfield Road

Snow dusts the wooden pathway along Brookfield Road on Tuesday, April 15.

Snow dusts the wooden pathway along Brookfield Road on Tuesday, April 15.

April 15, 2014

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Reader calls Brookfield Road pathway 'almost unusable'

Question: A reader said the wooden walking path on Brookfield Road south of Gebhardt Road is sinking and has become uneven. "Who designed this walkway, and shouldn't they be held responsible to correct the problems?" he asked.

Response: Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Bill Kolstad said if there are any problems with the pathway, they will be caught in the department's annual inspection, which will take place in the next week.

The boardwalk starts in Rolling Meadows Park, runs south and stops short of Bluemound Road.

The path, which was constructed in 2012, is closed for parts of the winter because it cannot be plowed. It was open as of Tuesday, April 15, though dusted in snow.

Generally, Kolstad said, the winters don't affect the structures of the wooden pathways, which they also have at Mitchell Park. But it's been a particularly harsh winter.

If the path has sunk, Kolstad said, staff will be able to adjust its height where necessary.

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