Ask NOW: Brookfield resident worried about pedestrians at Kinsey Park

A bike crossing sign warns drivers to yield before a crosswalk near Kinsey Park in Brookfield.

A bike crossing sign warns drivers to yield before a crosswalk near Kinsey Park in Brookfield.

April 29, 2014

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Reader worried about pedestrians at Kinsey Park

Question: A reader said she has noticed pedestrians having to run "at breakneck speeds" to cross Elm Grove Road at Robinwood Street to get to and from Kinsey Park, especially after 5 p.m., when drivers are commuting home from the Bishop's Woods office park. She asked: "Has there been any discussion to putting a pedestrian crossing sign with the reminder that you are to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk? I am afraid that someone is going to get hit since the crossing is at the bottom of two hills."

Response: At the intersection of Elm Grove Road and Robinwood Street, there are signs in both directions warning drivers of the impending crosswalk to Kinsey Park, but the signs are marked with bicycles.

Public Works Director Tom Grisa said the crosswalk is meant to be for both bikes and pedestrians, but the city decided to choose just one for the signs. They went with bikes because they thought the path would be more often used by bikers as part of the city's Greenway Corridor plan. Grisa said cars should stop and yield to anyone crossing the road there, but it is difficult to enforce.

"I'd like to tell you the signs make a big difference," Grisa said. "More often than not it's driver behavior. We can't drive the vehicles for the people."

Even though pedestrians have the right of way in the intersection, he urged them to be extra careful when crossing.

"I tell people all the time, you as a pedestrian and bicyclist still have a responsibility to make sure that motorists are aware of your presence, because even if you have the right of way, it doesn't help when you're lying on the pavement and you got hit by a car."

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