Ask NOW: Brookfield resident wonders when he is allowed to pass on the right

May 6, 2014

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Reader wants to pass left-turning cars on Burleigh

Question: A reader asked for clarification on what is allowed when he is behind a left-turning car that has stopped to wait for oncoming traffic. He said cars often stop to turn left in the middle of Burleigh Road between Pilgrim Road and 124th Street, where there is only one lane in each direction. He asked: "When a car is making a left-hand turn and waiting for oncoming traffic, is it legal to cross the white line and drive on the shoulder of the road to get around the car?"

Response: The answer is yes.

Brookfield Police Captain Jim Adlam said cars are allowed to cross over solid white lines and bike lanes anywhere in the city, in order to pass left-turning cars on the right. There's just one important caveat: the area must be clear.

Adlam said drivers must check for bikers and other traffic on the right before crossing over the lines.

"But if there's nothing there, and they can do it safely, it's allowed," Adlam said.

This goes for cars turning left at intersections, as well as cars turning into driveways and parking lots mid-block.

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