Brookfield Christian School celebrates 50th anniversary

The Milwaukee Christian School building was relatively small when it was first founded in 1964.

The Milwaukee Christian School building was relatively small when it was first founded in 1964.

May 13, 2014

Although Brookfield Christian School Principal Kevin Vos has been with the school for less than a year, he was welcomed as a part of its long-standing family at the 50th anniversary last weekend.

Brookfield Christian School — originally named the Milwaukee Christian School — was founded in 1964. The school was built on property surrounded by mainly farmland and only had two teachers. There was one graduate that first year.

Several of the founders of the school were present at the anniversary to talk about its origins and growth.

"I'm very limited in my knowledge of the school's history, so it was really great for me to be there just to see people talking about Brookfield Christian," Vos said. "What struck me was the dedication of the people and of those founders who are still active members of the school community."

About 25 Brookfield Christian families are multigenerational within the school, said Jill Baker, marketing and admissions manager at the school.

"When my dad graduated from (Milwaukee Christian School), they had 73 students," Baker said. "By the time I was there in kindergarten, we had about 53 students. And by the time I graduated, we were up to 122."

A gymnasium, a cafeteria and middle school classrooms were first added onto the school in 1991. Additional classrooms, including an art room, music room and computer room, were built in 2000. In 2003, the name was changed to Brookfield Christian School.

"When my son started at BCS, we were at 158 students," Baker continued, "and when he graduated last year, we were at 243.

"Next year is looking like we'll be at more than 245."

Continued growth has led to a third expansion to the school, which will be completed in time for the 2014-15 school year.

About 175 people attended the school's open house in celebration of the 50th anniversary, Vos said.

"I looked out at that audience and felt like I was a part of that community — it didn't matter that I was still relatively new," Vos said. "God has truly blessed this community so much, and we continue to grow.

"We hope to celebrate another 50 years from now, too."

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