Brookfield Central High School concession and bathroom pavilion to get utilities, gas heat

May 14, 2014

The Elmbrook School Board on Tuesday approved to equip Brookfield Central High School's new concession stand and restroom pavilion with gas heat.

The board had approved construction of the $570,000 pavilion during a meeting in April after Central4ward, a parent-led campaign group, raised $220,000 for the project.

At the meeting Tuesday, the board considered options regarding the pavilion's utilities.

In a unanimous decision, board members approved installation of a 900-foot sewer pipe, a 3-inch water pipe and insulation into the facility at a cost of $123,060.

While the need for pipe insulation was reviewed, members agreed it was better to plan long-term for the facility's maintenance rather than take short cuts to save money.

The board also agreed to equip the facility with gas heat, rather than electric heat or no heat at all.

Some board members initially worried that heating the partially open building would be a waste of energy, but conceded that heat should be provided to keep the bathrooms warm and the pipes from freezing.

"I worked concessions on some pretty chilly evenings," Board President Thomas Gehl said, "and I don't think you need to heat it for the people working in there … for a couple of hours. My concern is (for) our pipes with running water and the implications of not having (heat). I think we would be in trouble over the long-term, considering something like the winter we just had."

The gas line will cost about $10,715, but installation of a furnace and its associated ventilation will cost an additional $10,000.

"We believe that, long-term, gas is a lot less expensive of a utility than electric," said Erik Kass, district assistant superintendent for finance, operations and human resources.

The pavilion is expected to be completed in August, in time for the district's 50th anniversary.

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