Top seniors honor most influential teachers

June 16, 2014

The Elmbrook School District's top high school seniors honored their most influential educators earlier this month.

The district's third annual Most Influential Educator program gave the 15 top-ranking seniors from both Brookfield Central and Brookfield East high schools a chance to commend their teachers during two events.

Brookfield Central celebrated the students on Sunday, June 1, and Brookfield East celebrated on Sunday, June 8. Both events were held at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield, located at 375 S. Moorland Road.

Students were asked to prepare a speech for their chosen educator and present them with a personal gift.

The students spoke frankly, crediting their teachers for motivation to succeed and strive for excellence.

"Both events were just wonderful opportunities to witness how students can develop lifelong bonds with their teachers," said Mark Hansen, superintendent for the school district. "The Most Influential Educator program is a reminder that having quality adults in the lives of teenagers really leads to something remarkable."

The seniors chose educators not just from the high schools, but from as far back as elementary school, Hansen said.

The students gave presents to the teachers ranging from homemade creations to photos to nostalgic items that reminded them of the classroom, he said.

"The celebrations were really powerful," Hansen said. "These students are a constant reminder that our future is bright.

"This was one of the hallmark experiences of my entire career."

The following are educators who were chosen by the district's top seniors.

Brookfield Central

Sandra Aslakson selected by Vanessa Alwan;

Ronn Blaha by Rishi Sachdev;

Anthony Christian by Zamir Johl;

Jill Cook by Leah Lee;

Matt Dapelo by Tony Gulotta;

Chris Demos by Danielle Kulpins;

Kathy Dubiel by Bryn Adams;

Jason Gillette by Mitchell Mellone;

Jeff Gryzwa by Aaron Hizmi;

Mary Mann by Danwei Chen;

Elyce Moschella by Deepti Ajjampore;

Peggy Ordinans by Kristen Hlava;

David Smith by Jeffrey Teng;

Elke Sommers by Kamya Gopal;

Louise Thompson by Nikita Sood; and

Susan Veeder by Deborah Liu

Brookfield East

Patrick Coffey selected by Mihir Trivedi;

Kari Doepke by Tessa Meurer;

John Harder by Alexander Wang;

Emira Hot by Jonas DeMuri-Siliunas;

Jason Kasmarick by Stephen Browne;

Amy Kosmider by Brynna Conway;

Monica Lentz by Kathryn Horneffer;

Brian Nicholas by Kelsey Linsmeier;

Jeff Ortman by Illianna Termuehlen;

Tony Pritchard by Sriyani Diaz-Granados;

Mark Ritter by Edward Oakes;

Kathryn Ryan by Maddy Janick;

Tanner Teipel by Benjamin McBride;

William Twitchell by Akshaya Trivedi; and

Ben Westphal by Archit Baskaran


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