Grasch's continues its family tradition of quality groceries

June 17, 2014

Compared with the tenures of some employees at Grasch Foods, other grocery stores' workers have the longevity of a gallon of milk. Grasch's depth of experience, according to one of the Brookfield establishment's owners, helps set it apart from chain store competition.

"We have an exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful staff," said Bob Grasch, who operates the business with his brother, Bill, and sister, Mary Jo Stark (a fourth-generation Grasch, Bob's son, Bobby, manages the grocery department). "Our meat department manager has been with us for over 25 years, and the seafood manager more than 30. They know the market trends for their products; how to properly handle food and prepare it and that makes a big difference in gaining customers' trust and loyalty."

Located since 1957 at the corner of Lilly Road and North Avenue in Brookfield, Grasch Foods has undergone four major renovations over the past half century. It has been expanded to include, among other departments, a deli, a bakery and a floral area. The supermarket's meat and seafood sections remain its bread and butter.

"We're known for our wonderful meat department and the service that our butchers provide," said Bob. "Our pride and joy is the U.S.D.A. prime meats we carry, as only 2 percent of meat is graded as prime and not many stores stock it. Similarly, our seafood selection is second to none. We have great variety because we bring in fresh fish from both the east and west coasts."

From offering ready-made meals in its deli, to providing natural and organic selections, Bob has witnessed a number of changes at his family owned and operated store, since he began there as a teenage bagger in the early 1970s — with one notable exception.

"Quality service should never change and it hasn't for us," said Bob. "It starts with treating our 160-plus member staff like family. If they're happy, they'll want to stay. That translates to employees who take pride in their work and are always courteous and professional."



ADDRESS: 13950 W. North Ave., Brookfield, WI 53005

PHONE: (262) 782-9330


OWNERS: Bob Grasch, Bill Grasch, Mary Jo Stark


TYPE OF BUSINESS: Grocery store

PEARLS OF WISDOM: "Celebrating life with good food, family and friends is our recipe for good health."



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