Ask NOW: Which side is the rich side of town?

June 18, 2014

Is there a rumor you'd like tracked down? Geoff Bruce answers some of the mysteries of life in Brookfield and helps solve everyday problems.

Who's got more money?

Question: Between the City of Brookfield and the Village of Elm Grove, which municipality is wealthier per household?

Response: According to a relatively brief look at U.S. Census data, the Village of Elm Grove appears to be the wealthier municipality per household.

According to, the Village of Elm Grove has higher median values of owner-occupied housing units and higher median household incomes.

The median value of owner-occupied housing units refers to the exact middle of values obtained from respondents in the census. The median divides the value distribution into two equal parts: One-half of the cases falling below the median value and one-half above. Median values are rounded to the nearest hundred dollars. Each value is the respondent's estimate of how much their property, including both house and lot, would sell for if it were for sale.

This tabulation includes only one-family houses on less than 10 acres without a business or medical office on the property.

The median value of owner-occupied housing in Elm Grove is $375,700. Meanwhile, the median value of owner-occupied housing in the City of Brookfield is $280,800.

Median household income refers to the middle of household incomes in data obtained by the census. Household income includes the income of the householder and all other individuals 15 years old and over in the household, whether they are related to the householder or not.

The City of Brookfield's median household income according to the U.S. Census Bureau is $88,012. Meanwhile, Elm Grove's median household income is listed as $109,933.

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