Ask Now: Should Brookfield bikers be excited?

July 9, 2014

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Brookfield's bike paths are growing, but when and where?

Question: The city of Brookfield continues to expand its bicycle path offerings, but where and when can cyclists expect to find more friendly confines?

Response: The city has two different types of paths that it continues to work on expanding. Pathways that run parallel to roads are handled primarily by the Public Works Department, while the Greenway Trail System is handled by the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department.

This year, cyclists can expect to see new pathways put in on W. North Avenue between N. Brookfield Road and Coach House Drive, as well as a new path on N. 124th Street between W. Capitol Drive and W. Burleigh Road.

"It will be about a mile and a third of new path this year," said city of Brookfield Director of Public Works Tom Grisa. "We generally do a little over a mile (per year)."

Grisa noted that the city has a plan over the next five years to add many more pathways along its arterial roads.

"We've been budgeting about $300,000 for a few years now," Grisa said. "That doesn't mean we're going to be done anytime soon. Sometimes we get people saying their son just learned to ride a bike, and they want a new path. Unfortunately, sometimes by the time we get the path in, that child is driving."

The other network of trails for two-wheelers throughout the city is called the Greenway Trail System.

"Overall, the plan system is about 32 miles. Of that, 25 miles are planned to be off-road and about 7 miles on roads," said Bill Kolstad, director of parks, recreation and forestry. "Completed to date, we've got about 19 miles."

Kolstad noted that the completed portions of the system are currently in several fragments throughout the city, but they will all, one day, be linked. The department plans to finish another three-quarters of a mile in 2014 and 2015 throughout the city.

"It's just ongoing," Kolstad said.

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