Local couple looks to re-energize fitness center

Co-owners Jim and Kari Perry at Anytime Fitness, 2205 N. Calhoun Road. The couple purchased the fitness center in May and are looking to increase its popularity.

Co-owners Jim and Kari Perry at Anytime Fitness, 2205 N. Calhoun Road. The couple purchased the fitness center in May and are looking to increase its popularity. Photo By Geoff Bruce

July 22, 2014

Looking to improve their own lifestyles, a couple of lifetime Elmbrook-area residents are hoping for others to join in their cause.

Jim and Kari Perry, parents of six, felt, as they reached their 40s, that they should start to focus with greater intensity on their health. As such, when the opportunity arose, they decided to take a leap and purchase the Ruby Isle Anytime Fitness, 2205 N. Calhoun Road.

"Kari and I both grew up right around Ruby Isle. We live right down the street and we have six kids, so we're always at Ruby Isle for something," Jim said. "That in combination with us also getting to the point in our lives where we needed to change our own health made us do this."

For Jim, fitness is a relatively new arena. For Kari? She's a veteran.

"My wife used to be a body builder in her younger days," Jim said, "so she's kind of ahead of me on this."

The Perrys purchased the property in May and have already set about trying to bring more popularity to the place.

"We have a summer student program for kids back from college and we're also going to have some specials in the fall," Jim said. "Summer is a slower time because people can get their exercise outside."

While Jim is continuing his 25-years-and-counting career as a certified public accountant, Kari has turned her full focus to the gym, leaving her career as a dental hygienist.

Anytime Fitness offers one- and 2-year memberships that include credentials to access the facility 24 hours a day. It also offers special packages for seniors, military personnel and students and even tanning services.

"We have people that come in at 12:30 a.m. to tan," Jim said.

The Perrys say that their focus will not be purely on exercise, but will also aim to educate members on nutrition and other parts of a healthy lifestyle.

"Our trainers focus on fitness. That's how you're eating, what you're doing, and how you're living. We have two trainers we call them fitness consultants," Jim said. "People can come here to just get healthy."

Anytime Fitness does not offer any exercise classes, but the Perrys say that will be a focus in the near future.

As Perry noted, summer is not the best time to own a fitness center, compared to, say, immediately following New Year's Day; however, the couple is dedicated to developing the business such that timing didn't matter.

"It was simply, to be quite honest, because it became available. It's a long-term prospect for us. We're trying to grow," Jim said. "A lot of people in Brookfield don't even know it exists. We want to get more of the community involved."

As part of that community relationship, the Perrys are offering the services of Anytime Fitness to the Elmbrook and Catholic Memorial hockey teams for a reduced rate.

"We have new equipment, new carpeting; they changed the decor, and added the tanning room," Jim said. "Everyone is welcome to come see what we have to offer."

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