Ask Now: What's going on with Plaza 173?

July 29, 2014

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Is there any news for the vacant parts of Plaza 173 on Bluemound Road?

Answer: There are some preliminary plans in the works for Plaza 173.

HSA Commercial, Inc. based out of Chicago, is planning on expanding Plaza 173, located at 17300 W. Bluemound Road, by over 16,000 square feet as part of their hopes of developing a new, organic grocery store at the site.

The project was reviewed by the City of Brookfield's Plan Commission at its June 9 meeting and commissioners voted unanimously to set a public information meeting and a public hearing for the project.

The expansion of the structure would see its size increased from 95,730 square feet to 112,530 square feet.

Commissioners, while allowing the information meeting and hearing to be set, did express some concerns with the project.

The project's plan for stormwater; a heavy screen proposed to divide between the building and the residential units to the north; traffic; and architectural enhancement were the four concerns raised by the plan commission.

As of July 29, City of Brookfield Director of Community Development Dan Ertl says that no plans addressing those concerns have been submitted.

The building's expansion would require a portion of land to the north to be rezoned from residential to commercial.

The public information meeting for the project is set for Aug. 13 while the public hearing will precede the City of Brookfield's Common Council meeting on Aug. 19.

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