Brookfield Plan Commission advances development projects

Aug. 12, 2014

Changes to the lots of Safro Toyota, another step for Lilly Preserve apartment complex, and a new building and business coming to the Gateway Commerce Center were all met with approval by the city of Brookfield's Plan Commission Monday night.

JRS Holdings, Inc. continues to advance its plans to remodel its existing Safro Toyota dealership at 20445 West Capitol Drive into a new, state-of-the-art facility.

At Monday's meeting, commissioners unanimously approved a final certified survey map which would change the division between lots on the property. Safro Toyota currently owns three separate lots; however, the new map would instead consolidate the property into two lots. The new, 77,500 square-foot dealership would sit on one lot, while the other would be sold or leased for retail or office use.

The Plan Commission also ruled unanimously in favor of Phelan Development's proposal for an apartment complex at 3125 N. Lilly Road. The resolution amends the City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan for future land use of the aforementioned property from "Housing Focused — Medium Density" to "Housing Focused — Higher Density." Commissioners also approved a recommendation to rezone the property from a residential district to a Planned Development District.


The apartment complex, Lilly Preserve, will feature 77 units and has been in a state of modification and accommodation since originally being proposed to the city last year.

"We've seen this proposal several times and it's gone through several iterations," Alderman Gary Mahkorn said. "The applicant has come back and addressed the issues that we've brought up."

Alderman Rick Owen expressed concern over the lack of feedback that the public has provided related to the project.

"No one came to the public information meeting, no one really came to the public hearing. So there wasn't a lot of feedback," Owen said.

Despite those concerns, Owen noted that he has warmed up to the project due to the flexibility of Phelan.

"I'm supportive of it because of the changes that have been made," Owen said. "I was at one point opposed and I've gone to neutral and now slightly favorable."


The Plan Commission ended its night with a complement of compliments and unanimous approval for a new project presented by Premier Real Estate Management LLC.

The proposal calls for a brand new building to be built at 3120 Gateway Road in the Gateway Commerce Center. The building would be the new headquarters for Premier, a 35-year-old company that oversees 8,000 apartment units in nine different states across the Midwest.

"Our home office currently has about 20 employees in it. We (would) have space for 28 employees at this new building," Premier Real Estate President of Development Christopher Slater said. "We're looking to expand. It's a really suitable space that we're really excited to move into and get started."

Commissioners were pleased with the proposed prairie-style architecture of the 11,141-square-foot building.

"I was immediately struck by how attractive this building is," Mayor Steve Ponto said. "I really like the prairie style. I think this is a great example of it."

"I think it's a great-looking building. We spend several meetings on some of these projects that come here before us," Alderman Mark Nelson said. "This comes out, in my view, as one we don't have to spend a lot of meetings on."

The trio of recommendations from the Plan Commission will next be discussed by the city of Brookfield's Common Council Tuesday night, Aug. 19.

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