Brookfield, Elm Grove voters choose Burke, Happ, Severson

Aug. 13, 2014

The voters of Brookfield and Elm Grove did not buck larger trends in their trips to the polls Tuesday, siding with voters in rest of Waukesha County, and the state of Wisconsin, for that matter.

City of Brookfield

The city of Brookfield saw a 20 percent voter turnout for Tuesday's partisan primary election.

Democratic Party

Democratic voters flocked to gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke's side, giving her a 1112 to 156 victory over Brett Hulsey. John Lehman finished with a moderate lead over Mary Jo Walters in the lieutenant governor primary, earning 60.5 percent of the vote. In the attorney general primary, Susan V. Happ won the city of Brookfield and Waukesha County, but by a smaller measure than she won statewide. David L. Sartori earned 526 votes to Dave Leeper's 471 in the state treasurer race among Democrats.

Republican Party

In the contested Republican races on the ballot for Brookfielders, Julian Bradley ran away with a 2319 to 891 victory over Garey Bies in the secretary of state primary. GOP state treasurer candidate Matt Adamczyk won over Brookfield's Randall Melchert by a similar margin, 2380 to 1106.

The city of Brookfield mirrored Waukesha County's results in the race for county sheriff with Eric Severson beating out Tom Alioto 3462 to 611 in the Republican primary. In addition, 3,516 city of Brookfield Republicans voted for Gov. Scott Walker despite his lack of opposition in the primary.

Town of Brookfield

Democratic Party

Burke earned 216 votes in the Town of Brookfield compared to 25 for Hulsey. Lieutenant governor candidate Lehman earned a similar victory, 124 to 88 in the town, and Happ beat Jon Richards in the attorney general primary by just six votes. Sartori tallied 110 votes to Leeper's 81 in the state treasurer contest.

Republican Party

The town's winners and margins of victory remained similar with the rest of the county and state with Bradley earning the support of 384 voters compared to Bies' 146 in the secretary of state race, and Adamczyk tallying 421 votes to Melchert's 170 for state teasurer. Severson finished with 549 votes to Alioto's total of 110. And, 592 citizens in the Town of Brookfield voiced their support for Walker Tuesday.

Voter turnout data was not available for the Town of Brookfield by press time.

Village of Elm Grove

In the Village of Elm Grove, 1,083 voters visited the polls. That represents 23 percent of the village's 4,711 registered voters.

Democratic Party

Burke dominated the Democratic Party's primary for governor with 274 votes to Hulsey's 17 in Elm Grove. The village also backed Lehman for lieutenant governor and Happ for attorney general by slight margins of only 17 and 5 votes respectively. Sartori garnered 123 votes to Leeper's 104 for state treasurer in the only other contested Democratic race of the day for Elm Grove voters.

Republican Party

Bradley beat out Bies in the Republican Party's primary for secretary of state by a vote of 435 to 145. In a similarly lopsided race, Adamczyk earned 461 votes to Melchert's 185 in the race for state treasurer. In the party's primary for Waukesha County sheriff, villagers went along with the rest of the county in backing Severson by a tally of 616 to 126. And, 623 voters took the time to show their support for the uncontested Walker.

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