Elm Grove approves paving bids for 124th Street and Elmhurst Parkway

Aug. 26, 2014

The Village of Elm Grove approved two bids from Payne and Dolan for a pair of paving projects this fall.

The first will see 124th Street between Watertown Plank Road and Laurel Lane resurfaced.

The village will be footing half of the total bill of $393,459.60 for this project. Elm Grove is splitting the cost with the City of Wauwatosa. Payne and Dolan was the only bid that the village received for the work.

"The bid came in much higher than anticipated. It was mostly to do with additional trucking costs and availability due to the zoo interchange construction," Trustee Pat Kressin said. "It didn't seem like re-bidding was going to save any money."

The 124th Street project is the latest in a joint effort between Elm Grove and Wauwatosa.

"It's a periodic re-paving of streets that we've been working, splitting the cost of with the city to make our streets better," Elm Grove Village Manager Dave DeAngelis said.

Elm Grove Village President Neil Palmer noted that with school starting back up in the near future, construction on 124th Street may become more complicated.

"We'll be in school season soon and 124th has a lot of buses — lot of school bus traffic, Tosa buses, and regular (Milwaukee county) transit buses," Palmer said.

In order to make up for the higher-than-anticipated cost of the project, the village's Board of Trustees approved a reallocation of funds from undesignated capital funds to the project in an amount of just over $53,000.

The second project will be for work done on Elmhurst Parkway between Notre Dame Blvd. and Blue Ridge Blvd. for $29,688.40. The village received a pair of bids for this work, with Payne and Dolan's bid accepted as the lesser amount.

"Elmhurst took a severe beating over the winter. We did talk with public works and they thought that they could patch the road for another year, but that we'd be back at fixing it again shortly," Kressin said.

DeAngelis said that village officials and Payne and Dolan will likely meet early next week to discuss specifics.

"It should be a couple-week project. They hope to start sometime in late September or early October," DeAngelis said. "The goal is to have it done before the snow flies."

Trustees also continued an ongoing discussion about speeding concerns in the village, particularly on Watertown Plank Road.

"The chief (of police) put out some speed instruments to understand the problem. The (Public Safety) committee thought it was getting to the point that we should look at some kind of measures," Kressin said.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Jim Nortman asked Trustees not to put up more signs in the village but rather enforce the speed limit more harshly.

"Please don't put more signs in the village and make the village look trashy from a sign standpoint," Nortman said. "We should be stricter on the speed limit. Ticket them at 6 miles-per-hour over."

Palmer noted that the village has not approved any measures at this time, but is leaning toward placing additional signage on Watertown Plank Road.

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