Ask NOW: Are there plans for improvements at Calhoun and Burleigh roads?

A sign warns drivers of a bump on Calhoun Road where it crosses Burleigh Road.

A sign warns drivers of a bump on Calhoun Road where it crosses Burleigh Road.

Feb. 26, 2014

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What does the city have planned for Calhoun Road?

Question: A reader wonders what the city plans for improvements to the intersection of Calhoun and Burleigh roads. "It was bad before this winter, but now it is worse."

Answer: Former plans to widen Calhoun Road have been put on hold due to a lack of federal funds, but some repairs could happen this spring.

Director of Public Works Tom Grisa said the city had hoped to widen Calhoun Road from North Avenue to Capitol Drive to four lanes, but cannot move forward without federal money.

A grant application was denied in the fall of 2013, forcing the city to wait until the next four-year grant cycle to apply again. If its application is accepted in the next cycle, it could attain federal funding — typically about 80 percent of the project cost — in 2018, Grisa said.

In the meantime, the city could make some repairs to the road after the ground thaws. Because of the especially harsh winter, Grisa said, the city plans to assess pavement conditions in spring and repair the worst potholes and ruts (grooves caused by wear from tires).

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