Ask NOW: Brookfield Road construction likely in September

July 2, 2012

Is there a rumor you've heard you would like to track down? Is there something in the community that needs to get fixed? Mary Malahy answers some of the mysteries of life in the Elmbrook area.

Brookfield Road construction likely for September

Issue: A reader wants to know if the town of Brookfield has plans to rebuild the sections of Brookfield Road north and south of Bluemound.

Status: Jeff Goiner, superintendent of public works, said the town is planning to rebuild the road but cannot do so until the project on Bluemound Road is completed.

The town plans to have a contractor begin working in September, Goiner said. He doesn't have an estimated completion date because the contract still has to be put to bid, but he hopes to have the road completed by the end of September.

Bidding on the contract will happen in August, he added.

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