Ask NOW: Eble farm house torn down due to poor condition

Dec. 12, 2012

Eble farm house torn down due to poor condition

Issue: A reader noticed the Eble Park farmhouse was removed. She wants to know when this happened, why it was removed, why residents weren't notified of plans to remove the house and why it wasn't relocated to the Elmbrook Historical Society.

Status: Ginny Bocek, Waukesha County Parks program specialist, said the poor condition of the house and safety concerns made it necessary to remove it.

She said the house was removed in late November and the Waukesha County Parks and Land Use posted information about the project on its website and the town of Brookfield website before demolition.

The farmhouse was not listed as historic on any local, state or federal registers. Despite the house not being historic, the county looked into having the structure relocated with the Elmbrook Historical Society or Old World Wisconsin, Bocek said. These options were not pursued due to the cost of removing lead paint and asbestos as well as updating it for safety and ADA accessibility.

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