Ask NOW: Former Heritage Christian building getting rundown

June 12, 2012

Is there a rumor you've heard you would like to track down? Is there something in the community that needs to get fixed? Mary Malahy answers some of the mysteries of life in the Elmbrook area.

Heritage Christian's old building getting rundown

Issue: A reader wants to know what the plans are for the old Heritage Christian School building. According to the reader, the property is rundown and does not seem to be up to code.

Status: Dan Ertl, director of community development, said the current owner is looking to sell the property but the land is zoned for single-family residential use and will be costly to rehabilitate.

However, if an entity such as a school, church, day care or nursing home could afford to rehabilitate the property, it could receive a conditional-use approval and would be allowed to operate in the single-family residential zone, Ertl said. In the process of obtaining the conditional-use approval, there would be a public hearing first.

"There currently are no applications," Ertl said. "But, we remain hopeful for the sake of the neighborhood and the property owner that a school, church or day care center finds the funds to rehabilitate the property for use of that type."

The property owner has been cooperative with the city, Ertl added. After receiving complaints, the city inspector requested that the owner cut the grass regularly and the owner complied. Complaints about other violations can be directed to the city inspector; however, the property has to be in pretty poor condition before it becomes a code violation. Problems such as peeling paint do not warrant a code violation, Ertl explained.

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