Ask Now: Traffic signal, but no traffic?

Aug. 26, 2014

Is there a rumor you'd like tracked down? Geoff Bruce answers some of the mysteries of life in Brookfield and Elm Grove and helps solve everyday problems.

A resident asks: Barker Road at Capitol Drive is closed for construction. Why are the traffic signal lights still making cars that are going east and west stop at that intersection? There is no traffic heading north or south that needs to cross the intersection.

Answer: That will no longer be an issue for Capitol Drive commuters!

As of last Friday, the traffic signal at the intersection of N. Barker Road and W. Capitol Drive should remain constantly green throughout the remainder of the construction on Barker Road.

Previously, the traffic signal was set to be all green throughout the evening and nighttime hours for those traveling east and west on Capitol Drive; however, the light had to continue to function normally during the day.

"The plan was that (the traffic signal) does run during the day to accommodate the contractors safely getting in and out," said Waukesha County Director of Public Works Allison Bussler. "Those big pieces of equipment need to be able to get in and out safely."

Bussler said that the majority of work requiring heavy equipment is now finished, and the traffic signal should be operating at a constant green for Capitol Drive for the remainder of the project.

The construction on Barker Road is to fix a failing cross culvert and is expected to be completed by Sept. 20.

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