Ask NOW: What's the status of Tomter's Inn development?

June 5, 2012

Is there a rumor you've heard you would like to track down? Is there something in the community that needs to get fixed? Mary Malahy answers some of the mysteries of life in the Elmbrook area.

What is the status of Tomter Inn's development?

Issue: A reader heard that David Tomter, who had plans to purchase the former Pepino's property on Capitol Drive to open a restaurant, is no longer interested. The reader wants to know if this is true.

Status: Dan Ertl, director of community development, said it is true that Tomter has shown interest in the property and is still in conversation with the city about purchasing the property.

"Hopefully we can assist him in his pursuit to open a restaurant in that location, and we will work as cooperatively as possible to assist him in that pursuit," Ertl said.

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