Ask NOW: Why have traffic signals changed on major roads?

May 22, 2012

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Why have traffic signals changed on major roads?

Issue: A few readers have written to me because they have noticed changes in the traffic signals along Bluemound Road and Capitol Drive. In particular, readers have noticed that the lights seem to be longer and some of the left-turn arrows have changed. They are wondering why this is.

Status: I talked to Jeff Chase, city engineer, and he said these changes are due to the state's construction projects. He explained that the projects involve lane closures and the state is probably adjusting the signal times in order to accommodate the changes in traffic due to these closures.

Chase explained that the state implemented lagging left-turn signals. Normally, the left-turn arrow leads the cycle and then is followed by the green light for traffic heading straight. But, during the construction, the state has switched several signals so that the left-turn arrow comes at the end of the cycle. This allows those traveling straight to clear out of the intersection and those turning left to get into the far left lane.

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