Ask NOW: Why is park's grass being watered, despite ban?

Aug. 13, 2012

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Why are park sprinklers not subject to watering ban?

Issue: A reader said she has noticed automatic sprinklers watering the grass near the Wirth Park pool and wants to know why this is allowed when the city is under a watering ban.

Status: Tom Grisa, director of public works, said there are exemptions to the watering ban for newly planted grass and landscaping. The landscaping and green roof on the pool are exempt.

Bill Kolstad, director of parks, recreation and forestry, said the city has now set up the irrigation system at the pool with several zones and the roof and landscaping beds are the only zones that will be watered during the watering ban.

"I think the unasked but underlying question is whether the city is complying with the ban, and that certainly is our intention," Grisa said.

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