Ask NOW: Why is there a stop sign at Main Street and Wisconsin Avenue?

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March 25, 2014

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Why is there a stop sign at Main Street and Wisconsin Avenue?

Question: From a reader: "I am wondering why there is a stop sign on the northern end of Main Street, just north of Brookfield Square, where it meets the eastern end of Wisconsin Avenue. There are no options than to turn for either direction."

Response: At the northern end of Main Street, north of Bluemound Road, a stop sign halts drivers making a left turn onto Wisconsin Avenue or going straight into Crusan Golf Academy.

Most of the time, said Public Works Director Tom Grisa, vehicles can flow right past each other, with westbound traffic on Wisconsin Avenue turning right, and northbound traffic on Main Street arcing around it. But because some traffic on Wisconsin Avenue could turn left into the golf course, crossing the path of traffic from Main Street, Grisa said the city decided it was necessary to control traffic.

Additionally, the city's goal is to extend Wisconsin Avenue east to Elm Grove, which would further necessitate the stop. Grisa said the extension is not in the current five-year capital improvement plan, and it is not currently moving forward. The move would require cooperation on the part of Elm Grove, which would receive the Wisconsin Avenue traffic on Pilgrim Parkway.

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