Intersection change doesn’t make sense

Nov. 21, 2012

Public Forum:

What group of people, in the infinite wisdom of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, decided that it was too dangerous to turn west from 144th Street onto Capitol Drive and we should instead turn east and U-turn at the next intersection? How can crossing to the median and waiting for an opening to turn west be more dangerous than crossing three lanes of traffic coming at 55 mph to make a U-turn? I was told that if that intersection was too close, go to the next one, which is Lily Road and a stop light. Making a U-turn at a stop light offers its own dangers.

I was told that this group of people, in its infinite wisdom, is trying to prevent T-boning at 144th Street. I have lived at this address since Capitol Drive was a two-way highway and I doubt whether any serious accidents ever happened at that intersection.

I know that many people in this subdivision feel as I do, wondering what powers that be decided that this is safer. Why weren't we consulted about it? Can it be changed?

Carole Panaro



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