Body Transitions sued over injection

Jan. 8, 2014

A Milwaukee woman is suing Body Transitions Medical Clinic in Brookfield, claiming the company seriously injured her by administering an injection meant to be given in the buttocks in the wrong location March 30, 2012.

Body Transitions Medical Clinic, 275 Regency Court, helps clients lose weight.

The plaintiff, Shirron Jude-Boyd, said the injection delivered to her upper thigh about four inches from her waist caused parts of her thigh to go numb and gave her back pain, according to the civil complaint.

Jude-Boyd is asking for payment from Body Transitions and its insurer for "pain of body and mind."

The case was moved from Milwaukee County Circuit Court to Waukesha County Circuit Court last month.

Body Transitions did not return calls from NOW Newspapers seeking comment.

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