Brookfield Business Spotlight: Chiropractor takes a full-body wellness approach

Aug. 11, 2014

Patients of Baehr Essential Chiropractic & Wellness are more than just an intricate assemblage of muscle and spine, according to the clinic's owner.

"I assess the whole being, because sometimes when soft tissue and vertebrae aren't working properly, the cause may be a breakdown somewhere else in the body," said Diane Baehr, a doctor of chiropractic who opened her practice last December. "By taking the time to listen to what's troubling my patients, asking them questions about their diet and lifestyle, then putting them through a detailed evaluation of their central nervous system and a complete neurological examination, I can determine to what extent physical, chemical and emotional stresses are contributing to a problem."

To restore good health, Dr. Baehr, a Wisconsin-certified nutritional counselor, will recommend dietary supplements that detoxify the body. Recently, she reports, one such program alleviated a patient who had been a longtime, chronic constipation sufferer.

For spinal adjustments, she employs the latest diagnostic tools, as well as a light manipulative touch.

"Being gentle puts patients' minds at ease," Baehr said. "They won't hear much, if any, cracking in their body when I work on them."

Located in the Wisconsin Wellness Clinic on Regency Court in Brookfield, Baehr Essential specializes in treating athletes, pregnant women and children. Athletic clients, in particular, she notes, tend to regard their appointments much like dental checkups.

"Just as people see their dentist every six months, athletes come to me for periodic examinations," she said. "Even if they're feeling well, they may not know that their bodies are a little 'off' and require a minor adjustment. So, it's a good habit to routinely see a chiropractor to make sure body and brain remain connected."

Baehr, who gained her chiropractic experience at a practice in Slinger, enjoys the challenge of operating her own clinic.

"I love problem-solving and the satisfaction of successfully treating people who first sought help elsewhere," she said. "It's very rewarding to make a difference in people's lives and help restore their vitality."


Business name: Baehr Essential Chiropractic & Wellness

Address: 280 Regency Ct, Suite 100, Brookfield, WI 53045

Phone: 262-622-2332


Owner: Diane Baehr, D.C.

Incorporated: 2013

Type of business: Chiropractic and wellness

Pearls of wisdom: Quality ingredients and clear communication within your body create a great recipe for healthy expression of life and vitality.


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