Brookfield voters will see state, district races on primary ballot

Aug. 5, 2014

Residents in the City of Brookfield, Town of Brookfield, and Village of Elm Grove will get a slight warm-up next week for the November general election.

Tuesday's partisan primary features seven contested races across three parties that will be featured on ballots for residents of the communities.

Voters can align their allegiance with only one party in a partisan primary election. As such, a citizen could not vote for both Mary Burke in the Democratic primary race and Scott Walker in the Republican race.

"It's a partisan election, so crossover voting is not allowed. You need to decide what party you're going to vote in and just vote for that party," Brookfield City Clerk Kelly Michaels said.

If a ballot is mistakenly filled out, voting equipment is programmed to recognize the error and notify both the voter and personnel overseeing the voting process.

"If there's a mistake, it will have an alarm and spit the ballot back out," Michaels said. "Unfortunately, with absentee ballot voters, we can't do that. But if you happen to go to the polls, you can correct a mistake."

Voting with a single party in a partisan primary election does not lock a voter in to voting for that party or any specific candidate in future elections.

The following races will be on the ballot for City of Brookfield, Town of Brookfield, and Village of Elm Grove residents.

Democratic Party


· Mary Burke

· Brett Hulsey

Lieutenant Governor:

· John Lehman

· Mary Jo Walters

Attorney General:

· Susan V. Happ

· Ismael Ozanne

· Jon Richards

Secretary of State:

· Doug La Follette

State Treasurer:

· Dave Leeper

· David L. Sartori

Congress – District 5:

· Chris Rockwood

Republican Party


· Scott Walker

Lieutenant Governor:

· Rebecca Kleefisch

Attorney General:

· Brad Schimel

Secretary of State:

· Julian Bradley

· Garey Bies

State Treasurer:

· Matt Adamczyk

· Randall Melchert

Congress – District 5:

· F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr.

State Senate – District 5:

· Leah Vukmir

Assembly – District 13:

· Rob Hutton

Waukesha County Sheriff:

· Eric Severson

· Tom Alioto

Waukesha County Clerk of Circuit Court:

· Kathleen A. Madden

Constitution Party

Secretary of State:

· Jerry Broitzman

State Treasurer:

· Andrew Zuelke

The following is a list of polling places sorted by municipality.

City of Brookfield:

Wards 1 – 3: Immanuel Baptist Church, 4250 N. 137th St.

Wards 4 – 7: Burleigh Elementary School, 16185 Burleigh Place

Wards 8 – 10: Dixon Elementary School, 2400 Pilgrim Square Drive

Wards 11 – 13: Hillside Elementary School, 2250 Lynette Lane

Wards 14 – 17: Public Safety Building, 2100 N. Calhoun Road

Wards 18 – 21: Swanson Elementary School, 305 N. Calhoun Road

Wards 22 – 24: St. Luke Catholic Church, 18000 W. Greenfield Ave.

Town of Brookfield:

Wards 1, 3 – 4, 9 – 10: Town Hall, 645 N. Janacek Road

Wards 2, 5 -8: St. John's Lutheran Church, 20275 Davidson Road

Village of Elm Grove:

All village residents vote in the community rooms at Village Hall, 13600 Juneau Blvd.

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