City alters path plans for Lilly Heights Park

Jan. 8, 2014

Responding to concerns from residents, Brookfield Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry Bill Kolstad said the city has revised its plans for a 1,900-foot asphalt and boardwalk trail connecting Lilly Heights Park to Shamrock Lane through a city-owned corridor.

Homeowners adjacent to the proposed trail said previously they were worried the trail would compromise their privacy, safety and property values. They also expressed concern the city would have to cut down trees and infringe on local wildlife.

Hoping to assuage these concerns, Kolstad said, the new plan includes a reduction in the width of the asphalt path from 8 feet to 6. This reduces the footprint, allowing the city to keep more vegetation in place and have less impact on flooding and the wetlands.

The new proposal also includes a goal of keeping a minimum of 50 feet between the path and property lines, in order to give nearby homes more privacy.

In order to reduce the cost of the boardwalk, Kolstad said, the city plans to keep the boardwalk's height to 24 inches at most. That will eliminate the need for railings and reduce the structure's profile.

The Parks and Recreation Commission was scheduled to vote on the plan Monday, but the meeting was canceled due to the weather. If approved at the commission's next meeting Feb. 3, the city will begin seeking bids for the project. The final construction contract would need to be approved by the Common Council.

The path, estimated to cost about $210,000, is part of a larger project renovating the park.

In its capital budget, the city allocated $500,000 to expand the baseball diamond and soccer fields, add new playground equipment and an open-air shelter, and install a parking lot with stormwater management features. Construction on these features and the trail could begin as early as this summer, but it will depend on whether bids are favorable and how quickly construction plans can be developed.

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