Computer consultant focuses on smaller firms

Voison provides variety of services

Oct. 17, 2012

A chamber of commerce will never been confused with a comedy club, yet Wolfgang Voith enjoyed a hearty laugh during a recent meeting of one.

"I found it very amusing when a competitor was pounding his chest with pride about getting a client up and running again, five days after the company's server went down," said Voith, owner of Voison LLC, a computer consulting and system integration firm. "I'd have expected to be fired, if it took me that many working days to finish that job. That's a long time for a company to be out of business."

In operation since 1984, Voison provides small- and medium-sized businesses services such as network design and installation, data recovery and migration, hardware and software support, and virus and spyware detection and removal.

It's a clientele, Voith said, that is often treated as second-class citizens in the IT world.

"There are a lot of good IT firms that take care of small, medium and large businesses," Voith said. "But if an emergency strikes each one of these types of businesses at the same time, it's the big company that'll be taken care of first, while the others are put off. That can be devastating, when you consider statistics show that many companies that lose their server or database for an extended period go out of business within a year."

He said Voison primarily caters to businesses with 20 or fewer computers and specializes in providing proactive, cost-effective solutions.

"Unlike big companies, which can afford an IT staff that allows them to stay on top of things, many small companies have no idea how effective their equipment is or what threats exist that could damage their systems," said Voith, whose clients include engineering firms, dentists and accountants.

"I make it my business to know my clients' computer systems backward and forward, so I can design and implement backup and recovery systems that fit their needs and budgets."

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ADDRESS: 755 Verdant Drive, Elm Grove

PHONE:(262) 827-0775


OWNER: Wolfgang Voith


TYPE OF BUSINESS: computer consulting; service and sales of hardware and software

PEARLS OF WISDOM: "If you aren't absolutely sure if you have a backup, you probably don't."



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