Customer service king for Snapdragon Flowers

Owners enjoy delivering smiles to customers

Feb. 3, 2013

Outside the confines of their respective gardens, Rhonda Deaver and Denise Barnett knew little about flowers. But the chance for the one-time colleagues and longtime friends to enter into a business relationship was too good to pass up.

"If we didn't do something just because it scared us a little, we'd never do anything," Barnett said, commenting on the pair's decision to purchase Elm Grove Village Flower Shop (since renamed Snapdragon Flowers of Elm Grove) in 2011. "We thought that combining my marketing and sales strengths with Rhonda's accounting and design background would make us successful."

To date, the partners' prediction has come true, Barnett said. Leveraging their individual talents, the two proceeded to boost Snapdragon Flowers' presence in the community and beyond through social media, dynamic front window displays and access to a wire service that allows the store to receive orders worldwide.

A dedication to offering first-rate customer service has also served Snapdragon Flowers well.

"We really make a strong effort to ensure that customers get what they want," said Barnett, who sits on the board of the Elm Grove Business Association. "We never say 'never,' and look at whatever angles we need to in order to give customers a 'yes' answer."

Located on the corner of Watertown Plank and Elm Grove Roads, Snapdragon Flowers provides arrangements for any occasion, including Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

While Barnett says that she and Deaver have become adept at creating floral arrangements, the shop also contracts on an as-needed basis with a pool of floral designers.

In the off-season, Snapdragon Flowers primarily receives their inventory from fresh-cut flower distributors in California, Africa and South America. During the spring and summer, the company works with local growers.

Whether Snapdragon Flowers' stock is domestic or international, the owners enjoy their environment.

"It's really hard not to be happy when you're surrounded by flowers all day," Barnett said. "Rhonda and I both look forward to going out on deliveries because no one's ever upset to see us; we always get a smile."

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BUSINESS: Snapdragon Flowers of Elm Grove

ADDRESS: 13458 Watertown Plank Road

PHONE: (262) 782-8380

OWNERS: Rhonda Deaver and Denise Barnett



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