Ellipse Fitness owner helps folks put goals into action

Decision to buy club made in week

March 7, 2012

While rapid rises are nothing new in the business world, Ashley Haag's recent ascent from manager to owner of two local Ellipse Fitness franchises threatens to make a mockery of fast climbs up the corporate ladder.

"I was working out at Ellipse Fitness-Third Ward last fall and a staff member told me that their manager had just left and I should apply for the opening, since I was always giving them marketing ideas," Haag said. "I did, and got the job. I started on a Monday. By midweek, I learned that that location and Ellipse Fitness-Brookfield were up for sale. On Friday, my husband, Andrew, and I were in negotiations to buy them."

After the couple assumed ownership of the two facilities in November, Haag set about putting her stamp on the business. The former fitness instructor frequently sits in on - and sometimes teaches - the various cardio-kickboxing and strength and resistance training sessions that Ellipse Fitness offers.

"I'm a very hands-on owner with a passion for fitness that I want my staff to share," she said. "Bad customer service is my biggest pet peeve, so I want my staff of certified fitness professionals to know our members by name."

At Ellipse Fitness, selections include a weight-loss program that consists of custom meal planning, confidential weigh-ins and body fat analysis, and boot camps for extreme strength and cardio conditioning.

"Our goal is to be the best part of our members' day and not something that they dread," Haag said. "Yet, at the same time, they shouldn't have to spend hours a day in the gym to get healthy. I get the most satisfaction when a member comes out of a class dripping sweat, but smiling from ear to ear."

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BUSINESS: Ellipse Fitness-Brookfield

ADDRESS: 17800 W. Bluemound Road

PHONE: (262) 641-1030

OWNERS: Ashley and Andrew Haag


TYPE OF BUSINESS: health and fitness

PEARLS OF WISDOM: "A healthy you creates a happier you, allowing you a clear mind to follow your bliss."



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