Fires cause little to no damage at Best Western, Central Bark

Oct. 4, 2011

Fire suppression and detection systems are credited with quelling two fires in the city of Brookfield before major damages were incurred last week.

According to Fire Department reports:

Firefighters found a light haze of smoke coming from the kitchen when they arrived at Best Western Midway, 1005 S. Moorland Road, at 2:21 a.m. Sept. 30. It was later determined that a pile of rags used for cleaning had somehow ignited.

Hotel guests were evacuated.

Water from the fire-suppression sprinkler system extinguished the blaze and prevented any damage to the building.

In another call, this one at 1:32 a.m. Oct. 1, firefighters responded to an automated fire alarm at Central Bark, 3675 N. 124th St.

Police officers on the scene could smell smoke and the call was upgraded to a possible structure fire to bring in more resources.

Firefighters used a secure lock box to gain entry and found a fire contained in a ceiling fan unit.

"Because of the fire detection system and rapid response, damage was limited to the fan," Fire Chief Charlie Myers said.

Both incidents, he said, are examples of the value of sprinkler systems, fire detection systems and secure lock boxes that allow firefighters to quickly access buildings.

"Damage was reduced and the businesses' operations continued," he said.


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