In Our Schools: April 19

April 18, 2012

Burleigh Elementary

Burleigh welcomed a team of Chinese acrobats to entertain and educate the students Wednesday. Four acrobats and an interpreter presented facts about Chinese culture, customs and school life. The art of Chinese acrobatics combines immense athletic strength, impeccable balance and timing along with Asian philosophy of inner strength, which focuses the body and mind to work in harmony. Each individual acrobat's physical and philosophical strength combines with that of the fellow members the troupe in magnificent displays of balancing, juggling, dance, comedy and magic.

Dixon Elementary

Dixon will be hosting an Art Gallery Night from 6 to 8 p.m. April 25 in the gym. Student art work will be exhibited, art pieces will be available for auction and musical entertainment will be provided by Dixon's students. The community is invited to this event.

Elm Grove

Evangelical Lutheran

Seven students participated in the Knowledge Bowl held at Lake Country Lutheran High School. They were from grades six through eight: Joshua Zahang, Mia Halvorson, Matt Ewert, Alex Ohde, Tyler Hipke, Sarah Schulz and Elise Halvorson. Questions were put to the teams from various schools; students had 30 seconds to formulate their answers, which were then judged and scored. Included were topics from math, science, history and other areas. In other news, students from grades one through three get together once a month with volunteer reading partners from the church or school. They can read to their partners, ask for help if needed, share the stories they themselves have written or have fun sharing the reading of a favorite book with their partners.

Hillside Elementary

The Hillside Carnival will run from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Immanuel Lutheran

Immanuel has a chess club that meets every Friday after school. Students of all ages come together to learn the moves involved in the game of chess and compete against each other. The club is led by Andy Arnold and Andy Strand. Both men are fathers of children who attend Immanuel School. At present the chess club members are involved in tournament play. The overall winner will be determined within the next few weeks.

Pilgrim Park Middle School

On April 25, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin Singers will be working with the school's show choir, Pilgrim Pizzazz. That evening, the group will host a 7 p.m. concert at Pilgrim Park Middle School. The group, featuring UW-Madison's most talented singer/dancers and instrumentalists, will provide a Broadway-caliber show for audiences of all ages. Tickets, $10 apiece, for the evening concert can be obtained by calling (262) 785-3920, Ext. 1184, or sending an email to Jennifer Schwingle at

St. Mary's Visitation

The eighth-grade students are building rockets and roller coasters as part of their physics unit. Students will use Newton's laws of motion, along with the concepts of balanced, net forces as well as coefficients of friction to build working models. Building materials will include empty soda bottles for rockets and K'nex construction pieces for roller coasters. As a cross-curricular tie-in to the rocket launching, the eighth grade will be reading "October Sky" by Homer Hickam in English classes.

Tonawanda Elementary

With this week being Wisconsin Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, the school will be reviewing its emergency procedures for possible severe weather with the elementary students.

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