In Our Schools: April 9

April 9, 2012

Brookfield Academy

Artwork created by talented student artists will be displayed during the Upper School Art Exhibit in the Patriots Hall atrium from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday. Many of the artists have won regional or national honors this year.

Brookfield Elementary

Here's a peek at what's happening in first grade: Each day after reading for about 20 minutes by themselves, students are sharing what they have read with a partner. This provides a great opportunity to share their reading comprehension with a friend. In math, students are using Versa Tiles. They are a self-checking system that allow kids to work at their own pace to complete tasks related to math concepts. In writing, students are learning about directions. They studied a variety of "how-to" books and wrote their own. Members of Brookfield Central's Key Club visited to talk to students about bus safety. Students were encouraged to create a bus safety poster at home. The posters will be submitted for display at the Brookfield Public Library and could earn a prize from the Brookfield Police Department.

Elm Grove Evangelical Lutheran

The fifth-graders had a visit by police officer Sandy Brown of the Elm Grove Police Department. It was part of the DARE program, which teaches students how to stay safe from dangers like drugs and alcohol. Brown let the boys and girls wear "drunk goggles" and then try to walk a straight line. Their teacher, Karen Friedrich, said it was a very interesting experience and, hopefully, it taught a valuable lesson.

St. John Vianney

The seventh-grade life science students dissected the Lumbricus Terrestris of the phylum Annelida to learn more of the structures and functions of segmented worms. Studying the anatomy and body systems of annelids helps them to understand the bodies of higher-level organisms. After overcoming their initial squeamish anticipation, the students found how interesting and complex a simple earthworm actually is. They began with an external sketch and continued their dissection to identify and label all the internal organs of their specimen.

St. Mary's Visitation

As part of Lenten almsgiving, students collected money for the families of the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador. The students participated in a friendly competition, bringing in money they collected to donate to the center, which is committed to helping the families of Quito become financially independent with access to education, health and quality basic services.

Swanson Elementary

Swanson Elementary School celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. Students in grades two through five attended a presentation, facilitated by Good Friend, Inc., that built autism awareness, encouraged acceptance and fostered empathy for children with autism spectrum disorders.

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