Brookfield man apparently none too pleased with youth group promoters

Oct. 11, 2011

Two men who were spreading word about a youth group that promotes self-responsibility got an earful from a Brookfield man when they asked to borrow a lighter to light a cigarette, according to a city of Brookfield police report.

Also in the report:

A 20-year-old man reported that the two men asked him to borrow the lighter after approaching him about a youth group they were promoting near the intersection of Gebhardt and Barker roads at 7:41 p.m. Oct. 7.

When responding officers found the men, they said the 20-year-old had screamed obscenities at them and yelled "white power."

They also told the officer they were stumping for a youth group that promotes self-responsibility and the notion that the color of one's skin and where they are from have no impact on success - but maintained that they were not accepting donations.

The men told officers they were done knocking on doors for the day.


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